Friday, December 20, 2013

Coffee for 15 CENTS a pound!

Last weekend we had the opportunity to go across the lake and explore San Marcos la Laguna (more on that awesome excursion soon); during our exploration, we came across these bags on the road with men sitting nearby in the shade.

Our friend asked one man what they were and how much he was selling his coffee for.  The gringo price was 1.20 Quetzales per pound which is about 15¢.  Crazy!

There were several of these contraptions set up also ... for weighing the coffee.

And, here is the beautiful coffee!  Not yet dried or roasted.

I'll admit, it is difficult for me to understand how coffee can be purchased for 15¢ a pound, processed and then sold for $10 a pound...

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Molly W. said...

What?! That is nuts! I had no idea coffee looked like that before the processing...and that price?!!