Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Leaving California

We are on the road again ... today we will cross into Oregon on our way to visit Jason's family in Spokane. Yet another departure is difficult, especially when we aren't sure when we will get to return. Saying goodbye does not get any easier and I'm finding that when we don't have anything close to a set return date, it makes it even harder. I'm working on reminding myself how fortunate we are to be basically on vacation right now (unemployed & homeless just doesn't have the ring to it) and how great it will be to see Jason's family. We are also incredibly blessed to have friends & family to stay with our entire trip north.

Reading grandpa's photo ad -- since I can remember, my Dad has picked up and poured over this free weekly magazine with cars for sale in the area. Luke is already on the right track!

My brother &  his wife, Ashley, joined us for a goodbye breakfast on our last morning at my parents.

Celebrating my nephew, Levi's 5th birthday with these sundae cupcakes - delicious!

Luke's big-boy cousins

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