Sunday, July 20, 2014

The NorthWest

We arrived at Jason's parents house on Monday after an eight day road trip. As always after that type of travel it was so good to feel like we could land for a while. We hit WAY more traffic than we have ever hit on one of our road trips. Not fun with a baby in the back seat.

One of our traffic stops (literally all traffic was stopped for close to two hours) in this beautiful spot with Mt. Shasta in the distance --

Saying goodbye to my sister, Bonnie, after a great few days together. Super hard to say goodbye when we have no idea when we'll get to see each other again.

Hanging out with more family - my aunt and cousin and kiddos in Oregon.

My kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Penny moved from my hometown area up to Oregon this past year and I'd thought I might never see her again, but we found ourselves 10-15 miles from her new home and had to pop in!

Hanging out with the Stagers - friends of Jason's from Spokane - and meeting their sweet new baby, Kylie.

We'd planned to visit a fellow group member from our Peace Corps experience while in Seattle - Jamie surprised us with a visit from Amanda, another volunteer from our group and my roomie for our first couple weeks of homestay in Tonga.

Here are the three of us eight years ago at a Tongan beach with some of our host-sisters.

And now, with couple kiddos on our hips in Jamie's lovely backyard in Seattle.

Our Jeep looks right at home in the northwest!

Finally in Spokane and hanging out with Jason's nieces --

We've already spent a couple days with the family over in Idaho at lake Cour d Alene. All the smoke from Washington's wildfires made everything look a little eerie.

Luke, loving the swimming pool AND eating meat like a man!

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