Friday, December 18, 2015

"do you think we could live in a tent for the summer?"

This is the question Jason started our day with today ...

Although I know we could live in a tent for the summer, my answer of "no, I don't think so" was geared toward the fact that I really don't want to live in a tent with two small children for more than a week (if at all possible).

Jason's question may seem a bit crazy, but it comes from a good place. He knows that I am missing home after not being able to visit California for the past year & a half and has been looking for summer internships there.  One job doesn't have housing, but comes with a "free" campsite. Since we don't have a camping trailer, his next thought was to wonder about the tent.

I don't think I'm missing California quite that much :)

My adventure for today ...

.... putting both kids in carriers so I could get out for a walk. With the slippery conditions and 50 pounds of extra weight I was totting, I opted to use poles for balance and know I must have looked like quite a sight! It was encouraging to me at least that even in bad weather I might have options for exercise.

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