Thursday, December 31, 2015

Goodbye December, goodbye 2015

For whatever reason, I've been thinking that there were a few more days until the end of the year. I woke up this morning realizing it's New Years Eve and wondered where my brain has been? Obviously, this will be a holiday without too much excitement for us :)

This month has felt like a bit of a blur -- so much of the time I find myself feeling like the completely frazzled mother that I am; with no time, energy or $$ for fun. I have to remind myself to open my eyes and LOOK around at all that we have. Jason got me a lovely Christmas gift -- a bath gadget to cover the safety overflow valve and make the bath water deeper (something I had complained about -- gotta love a listening husband!). As excited as I am to use this, I was so struck and disgusted at my opulence ... not only do I bathe in drinking water without giving it a thought, I also have a gadget readily available so I can bathe in even more/deeper drinking water...sigh. I am so wealthy and forget so easily.

Here's the wealth of our month --

Our usual Christmas tree fiasco...tried to save money by purchasing a $5 permit to cut a tree from federal land :) Looked really pretty in the forest, but refused to stand straight once inside.

Luckily, a trip to the thrift store for another tree base and a lot of fine tuning turned it into this:

Mabel went to her first formal. A father/daughter formal put on by our church group -- complete with wrist corsage.

Mabel passed her 3 month mark and has started rolling over {which I am definitely not ready for yet!}

We got to have Christmas morning in our home ...


... and then shared a belated Christmas with Jason's family after realizing one of our jeep's tires was completely FLAT on Christmas morning. This month has been the month of the jeep -- we've spent over $1000 on it between tires, unexpected repairs and some routine things we'd known needed replacing (brake pads, rotors, etc). Merry Christmas Jeep!

It has stayed snowy and chilly, making everything look so beautiful. Our house does not have rain gutters, so we have awesome icicles hanging from the roof.

Once we finally made it to Spokane, there was even more snow there which was great to play and hike in.

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