Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A happy accident & a trip to the fair

Ever have a situation that should have turned out really poorly turn out great instead?

I have known for a long time it was inevitable that I would lock my keys in my car -- I am just too scattered with trying to remember what I am doing in the midst of Luke's ceaseless chatter & juggling both of them in & out of the car.

Last Thursday was the day --

I'd just gotten milk at the store and nervously realized my keys weren't in any of their usual spots. After a few minutes of calmly trying to find them and before calling AAA, I called Jason. He answered. He usually has his phone on silent since he's in class or in the library studying, etc. Next great thing, he didn't have class for a bit, so it was no problem for him to ride his bike to the grocery store and rescue us. Then, since he had a free hour, we all got to go to our (free!) county fair together. Something we had not expected to be able to do this fair season. So, thanks God for that unexpected gift of some family fun-time together.

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