Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Turning 4

Luke turned FOUR years old on Sunday!

At this point, it is hard to believe that he was ever a tiny baby. He is incredibly active and energetic and LOVES to talk, and LOUDLY. We are used to the way he talks (& working with him on having an 'inside voice'), but a lot of people have mentioned that he seems to talk with an accent. Not sure where he picked that up, but it's fun. Luke is curious about everything and has a great grasp for understanding how things work and has an endless supply of questions about every topic imaginable. He exercises his independence frequently and often not in productive ways which sometimes scare us. He love, love, loves his Dad and has an incredible extra energy boost whenever Jason is around. One of his favorite foods is toast - I think he asks for it nearly everyday. Jason & I pray constantly for patience and for wisdom on how to be good parents for him -- how to encourage him to grow up to be a man of character who seeks God's heart. We are so thankful that God has given us the opportunity to have Luke as our son.

We were glad that his birthday was on the weekend so that we could spend some quality time together as a family --  we even got to have a good "boy" outing with him -- a Lumberjack Games event through the university.

Luke was very clear about the menu for his birthday -- toast for breakfast, waffles with blueberries for brunch, Bernie's Farm mac-n-cheese for lunch and hot dogs for dinner. Along with a a chocolate cake with sprinkles with Wallace & Gromit on it. All pretty easy except for the cake, especially for the artistically/crafty challenged. :)

We were fortunate to have grandparents, cousins and an auntie join us in celebrating his big day.

They were GREAT sports about playing 'pin the tail on Shaun the Sheep.'

Luke received lots of presents (and yes! that's a vaccuum! one of our presents to him :) - he loves to clean!)

Cake time -- the Wallace & Gromit cake. Ay yi yi.

Four years ago & now. So so grateful to have Jason as a partner in this and in everything.

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