Monday, February 12, 2018

Feeling chilly

We've had rather brisk temperatures recently and woke up to this on Saturday morning. Brr!

Although it is certainly not my favorite, one bonus to the extreme cold is that it releases me from the feeling that I should get the kids out to do something. Instead we stay inside. Making forts, putting puzzles together, watching spectacular sunrises, reading books, baking, cleaning and anything else I can think of.

Luke did the sweetest thing for me. He had been coloring on some scratch paper and taped this one to our window, telling me "look, I drew summertime out the window for you mom..."

As cold as Saturday morning was, it was supposed to warm up to the teens and be sunny with very little wind; so we knew we needed to get out. We headed up to Buzzard's Roost for a short hike. It was a beautiful day and we had the place completely to ourselves :)

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Corene said...

Oh, my that is cold! Glad you were able to get outside for little bit Saturday. Love following along with what you are up to. Miss you!!