Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Finding a sandy beach @ Angostura Reservoir

Since it warmed up, we have been on the hunt for a perfect water/beach spot in the Black Hills. We've realized that spending a summer in Leavenworth and also one at Priest Lake has really spoiled us on living near perfect lakes and rivers ... up until this weekend we'd had a really hard time finding a place that worked for us. Most of the "lakes" here are very small without real sand, and any beach area ends up being overcrowded. A friend mentioned to me that Angostura was large with great sand and we finally got to check it out on Saturday.

We were not disappointed. It is a large reservoir, southeast of the Black Hills that appeared to have sand beaches lined with cottonwood trees along the entire eastern edge. We arrived early and claimed a spot -- the sand was REAL sand, with a gradual entry into the fairly clear water and lots of cottonwood trees along the shore for shade. Perfect.

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