Saturday, July 7, 2018

Seeing friends and Nebraska one last time

With our friends, the Deeds Family moving back to Indiana, we got to make one last trip down to Valentine last month. It was a very lovely weekend. Full of a lot of fun intermingled with a lot of repressed sadness over their departure. With their new home being over 1000 miles away instead of just 200, we are not expecting to get to see each other for a while and we'll probably not be visiting Nebraska anymore either :)

We will really, really miss our friends and have been feeling so thankful for the sweet time we had to live near them once again. It's been about four years since we said goodbye to them in Guatemala ... we're looking forward to see if God will place us nearby each other again in four years.
Starting a hike across the 'Cowboy Bridge' on the Cowboy Trail

Fun, hanging out time together

Smith Falls, the highest waterfall in Nebraska!

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