Monday, July 16, 2018

Getting the kids to 12,000 feet @ Rocky Mountain National Park

Last week we got to go camping for a few nights near Rocky Mountain National Park and it was amazing! It was so good to get away for a bit and be in midst of some really big (and totally stunning) mountains. I'm thinking this will be a two part post as there were just too many pretty places!

Camping with little kids can have some challenging moments, but overall Luke & Mabel did great and seemed to love every moment. Our campground had no running water and it's been a while since I went without a shower for days on end...but even that was sort of nice. It made it feel like "real" camping.  It was our first time going camping with the subaru -- definitely a very tight squeeze getting the four of us, plus camping gear, clothing, food and water for all of us for several days into the compact space, but Jason was his usual packing genius and got it all in! Whew!

We got to spend our first night in Denver visiting with our friend, William, from Peace Corps and his wife Laura, which was fantastic! We hadn't seen William since Luke was about 6 weeks old!
With William, then and now -- a lot can change in 5 years!

First day at Olive Ridge Campground - getting the tent set up with wonderful helpers :)

Day two: Our first stop & hike at Lily Lake

Driving the spectacular Old Fall River Road to the Alpine Visitor Center

Hiking up the Alpine Ridge Trail

Ending the day with S'mores, of course!

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