Sunday, September 23, 2018

Camping in the Big Horn Mountains

We got to go camping over Labor Day Weekend which was wonderful. We headed West to Wyoming and enjoyed the Big Horn Mountains.

Camping at higher elevation made for some very chilly nights, but we'd crammed as many extra blankets and layers into our subaru and managed to not be too cold. Our campground had gotten snow earlier in the week so we were glad that it had "warmed up" before our visit. We were thrilled to get to watch two moose meander past our campsite on our first morning there!

Jason had done his backpacking trip to the Big Horns last month so it was fun to get a taste of where he'd been in the Cloud Peak Wilderness. We also dropped over to the other side of the range and were amazed at how quickly the landscaped changed from beautiful, forested mountains to dry canyons and then just flat. We managed to come across the tensleep fish hatchery and had a great time checking out (& feeding) the growing trout.

As always, it was great to have a chance to explore a new place.

The main reason the kids LOVE camping -- the s'mores & hot chocolate!

Kids, happily drumming on an old coffee can. The simple pleasures.

Tensleep Fish Hatchery

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