Friday, September 7, 2018

Starting SCHOOL!

Luke officially started kindergarten on Tuesday. It is really strange to see him becoming a "big kid." Although since we made the decision to home school it feels like he get to be my little boy for a bit longer.  We hadn't really planned on homeschooling but after doing some research, decided that it would be a good situation for all of us for this year. I think it could be really fun :) I am thankful to several of my friends who generously shared their homeschooling knowledge/experience, making my planning job a lot easier.

For Luke's first day of school, we had a special breakfast, did a little table/class work then headed out for a hike. It was great and we collected a beautiful Fall bouquet to go along with our Botany lesson.

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Unknown said...

Omg, where are you guys?! So happy to find this/you! Hope all is well, beautiful babes! Can't believe Luke and Ada are in Kindergarten! Miss you friend, Sue Robinson