Thursday, August 30, 2018

Watching hot air balloons lift off @ the Fall River Hot Air Balloon Festival

We got to do something on Saturday I have never done before - go to a hot air balloon launch! It was really, really cool! Lift-off was at 6 in the morning and an hour's drive from our house which made for a very early departure, but it was well worth it!

After the launch (& a quick stop at the beach), we headed to the festival in the nearby historic Hot Springs which lasted all day. The park was full of bounce houses for the kids, plus artists, musicians and vendors. A lovely day!

Arriving at the air strip before sunrise ... not much happening yet.

Downtime between the balloon lift off & the festival beginning = a morning at the lovely beach at Angostura Reservoir. Hurray!

A stop at the Mammoth site to go inside a hot air balloon - so cool!

Ending a great day by splitting an ice cream cone - YUM!

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The Moores said...

I'm jealous! I went to see hot air balloons once in Colorado but they were grounded due to wind. Hoping to see them in Walla Walla this fall.