Friday, September 28, 2018

Lamenting Summer's End

The Fall season started here several weeks ago with cooler evenings, changing leaves and of course the appearance of Fall drinks and foods. I have most definitely not been ready to say goodbye to the gloriously long, warm days of summer.

I'll admit that I must be one of the few people who doesn't look forward to Fall.  I've come to realize that it's not that I don't like Fall itself, but that I really don't look forward to what it brings .... WINTER! Living in cold climates with children for the past four years has made me really not enjoy what seems to be six months of frigid and yucky weather.

With ice forming on our cars in the mornings (ahhh!) and the first official day of Fall last Saturday, I am accepting the season, but happily re-living some of our wonderful summer moments. We did have a really nice summer.

One of the things we enjoyed the most this summer was our backyard. We know we are incredibly blessed to have this space all to ourselves and we tried to enjoy it to its fullest. We are so thankful to have a yard and for the fun memories we got to make in it!

Making a FREE fort/playhouse!! Using old doors left in our basement by the previous owner.

Making backyard games ... using more of our old doors!

Another nearly free item! Found someone giving away play yard sand. We loaded up bins in both vehicles & picked up wood at Habitat. Perfect!

Loving our backyard produce & flowers!

More fun days -- and yes, Luke is wearing cowboy boots to ride his new scooter! :)
Enjoying Storybook Island
Free Fishing Day at Canyon Lake Park

Thankful for these friends - Annika & Helena, our next door neighbors from our first home here. 

Kids Day at Main Street Square

Saying goodbye to  one of our first Rapid City friends, Addison. 

Hitting up pretty much every lake in the Black Hills for beach and/or canoe days - Roubaix, Deerfield, Sheridan, Pactola & of course Angostura!

Three birthdays in five weeks! Whew! Jason turned 40, I had wonderful friends from Moscow visit for my special day and Mabel turned THREE!
Random pictures -- this was a World Cup year and games started at 6 am our time. We had a lot of family mornings in bed watching futbol!!

Plenty of midwest-style weather -- crazy cloud formations, immense lighting storms, huge hail and beautiful rainbows.

To wrap it all up -- church in the park last Sunday for a baptism service & potluck. A beautiful way to end the season.

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