Monday, November 26, 2018

Having "fun" without Dad - again!

It's been nearly a month since Jason got back from his Guatemala trip and he took off again today for a work trip to Georgia. After our last "fun" week when he was gone, the kids have been asking if we'd do another fun week this time. To which I responded "of course!" (and then wondered why I don't make the effort to make every week with my kiddos a fun week?)

Luke & I decided that perhaps we should do 1) one science experiment each day, 2) one craft each day, and 3) some sort of cooking together each day. We'll see if this is overambitious, but I figure it's worth a try!
Airport goodbye ... made a little more exciting by a surprise delayed
departure & re-routing scramble- woohoo!

Luke has gotten very interested in science after I introduced him to the effect of vinegar on baking soda last week :)

Fun thing #1 - getting beautiful day-old bread & bagels from a friend at a local charity 
& letting the kids pick whichever kind they wanted to eat for lunch :)
Super thankful for God's provision of food to us. 
Fun thing #2 - Glow stick baths
Fun thing #3 - toilet paper tube / hacky sack bowling

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