Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Getting Dad back!

Woohoo! Jason arrived home Sunday afternoon safe & sound which was great! No trip can go without any kinks however ... when he arrived into Sioux Falls late Saturday night, the car wouldn't start. Ugh!! Luckily, AAA was able to get it started with a jump and recommended a new battery. We are super thankful that's all that needs attention.

We had a really nice afternoon together once he returned. A church around the corner from our house was having a 'trunk or treat' so Jason took the costumed kids over to that while I caught up on dishes in the quiet which was wonderful. Then we headed out to Buzzard's Roost for a quick hike. A beautiful way to end the day/weekend.

Now with Jason home I'm re-starting my kitchen cabinet painting project ... trying to change our cabinets from their current colorful orange, blue & yellow combination to WHITE. We finished the ceiling, walls & trim early in the summer, but the actual cabinets having been a bit daunting...



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