Saturday, October 27, 2018

Having fun withOUT Dad

It should be less than 24 hours until Jason gets back to our house and I have to say, although I'm tired (when am I not?), this week has actually been quite good. I was thankful for a soul prompt last Friday to just have fun with my kids during this time instead of dreading each day. It was clearly God because that's not really how I was feeling about Jason being gone and it completely re-directed me for what lay ahead. And I am SO thankful for that!!!

With my attitude adjusted to focus on the good, fun things we could do this week, we have actually had fun :) Go figure. We have had really nice weather (for S. Dakota) which has helped tremendously.

Our days have consisted of very, very lazy mornings together, catching up on some homeschooling, LOTS of time outside, plenty of play dates, fall festivals and birthday parties, as well as some fun together in the kitchen.

Jolly Lane Greenhouse Fall Pumpkin Festival - complete with FREE hay rides, face painting, s'more making and pumpkin tic-tac-toe!

MOPS mom & tot date -- Pumpkin painting!

Playing dress-up at a playdate

Making pupusas- a Salvadorian dish we were introduced to in Guatemala. My first attempt at making them...a little rough, but delicious!

A trip to the always delicious Jerry's Donuts for "monster" donuts.

A gymnastics birthday event for sweet 1 year old, Asa.  A first for the kids and they had a blast!

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