Monday, October 15, 2018

Enjoying our two days of Autumn with Jason's parents

We were excited to have Jason's parents come for a visit earlier this month. We'd told them how beautiful October in the Black Hills was last year and were looking forward to showing off the area in its Fall splendor; with the added bonus of doing it without the millions {literally} of summertime tourists. As their visit approached, the weather forecast looked a bit discouraging and then started looking downright dismal. Such a bummer :-( They arrived in Rapid City just in time for our first SNOW of the season. Ahhhh!!!

We were granted two decent days before the really yucky weather set in and tried to see as much as possible during that time in the van they'd generously rented for all of us for the occasion. We were so thankful to have at least those two days, but we would have certainly enjoyed a bit longer of a Fall season, especially with our special visitors here.

Some of the must-sees - Mt Rushmore, Badlands Nat'l Park, buffalo at Custer St Park, bar where Bill Hickok was killed & the Crazy Horse Monument

Day one of our Fall tour -- gorgeous leaves and ... snow!

Roughlock Falls trail in beautiful Spearfish Canyon

Day two of Fall -- driving up for a visit to Sylvan Lake at Custer State Park

Along Needles Highway

Picnicking at Legion Lake

Checking out the corrals after the recent buffalo round-up

One last view of those presidents
Then came the snow ... and Luke's first barefoot snow run of the season.
Indoor activity time-unlocking sponge animals & Luke got to have a special class with his grandma (a long time teacher & homeschooling momma)

Our last night, dinner out and a quick tour of the Downtown Art Walk

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