Monday, June 23, 2008

A little praise

Funny how a little unexpected praise can completely make your day ... my boss (who some would say borders on being tyrant) actually gave me a compliment today. He told me that he would miss me, that I had been "very good" and that he'd be happy to be a reference for me. For him to say any of those things is HUGE ... and huge for me too. I've spent the last 9+ months working as diligently as possible to make him happy, but have rarely felt like I succeeded in this and I must admit that it is really nice to end on this note.


Will said...

It's unexpected to get the praise, but for anyone that knows you, that is exactly you :) I'm glad your boss was at least able to see that you're very hard working, super intelligent, and just a lovable person. NY will miss you and Jason; you two made it a better place :)

Molly W. said...

Oh Car I'm so glad he could verbalize what he has clearly been thinking this whole time. I actually had a moment like that once with an old boss of mine, you could have knocked me over w/ a feather I was SO shocked but it meant A LOT. YEAH for ending on a good note -you more than deserve that.