Thursday, June 12, 2008

PR Parade & The Met

I found out last week that with my BofA check or credit card, entrance into The Met Art Museum is FREE on the first weekend of the month! I was so excited about this, because entrance is usually $20 per person and we had yet to visit this icon of NYC. What we had forgotten about was the Puerto Rican parade running down 5th Ave - it took us over a 1/2 hour to worm our way through the throngs of attendees and find a street where it was actually possible to cross the street. We couldn't help be admire the national pride of the Puerto Ricans as we made our way through...

The Met is huge and a little overwhelming (although nothing compared to the Louvre!)...since we'd gotten in for free, we were happy to just ramble around and didn't' feel any pressure to SEE everything! We started in the Greek & Roman art section...
We enjoyed finding a room of Oceanic artwork and even found a tiny display on Tongan tapa mats that had us reminiscing!
In the modern art section - the art was literally on the walls here - actually pretty cool looking!

Jason got into his "artistic" side and tried to become one with the art while I was very happy to find a room full of Degas paintings and sculptures (some of my favorites!).
We finished the day by walking through Central Park, along the 'large reservoir' which as always was beautiful!

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Molly W. said...

I love how you guys seem to "do it all" and make the most of where you are. You're cool cats. :)