Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back across the Pacific

Our arrival into Shanghai has been incredibly smooth. Thank you to everyone for your prayers as we transition into a new home, job, culture and country ... and into a new family! The only kink in our arrival has been experiencing first-hand the "firewall of China," which blocks blogger (& any blog for that matter), plus facebook and many news websites. We were able to get a tip from some of our co-workers and have purchased a VPN service which seems to be the only reliable way to utilize freedom-of-the-internet.

Anyhow, we're on-line at the moment and here are a few photos of our magnificent new home!!! we could hardly believe it when we arrived - it is lovely and we know that we are unbelievably blessed.

This is the exterior and then a couple shots of our room, sitting area, bathroom & balcony...more to follow!


Anonymous said...

CArrie and Jason--
What luxury compared with the tropical haven that Palau was--Happy Birthday carrie! Card is in the mail to your parents up north--please send address in shanghai!
Good luck and have fun!

Kim said...

wow, nice "dorm"!!!

Molly W. said...

How lovely!!! QUITE the difference from your last! :) I'm SO happy for you guys, I love to see how God is providing/taking care of you already. xo