Sunday, August 2, 2009

Around Angaur

These are mostly pictures of the buildings around Angaur, but I had to start with two pictures that always make me smile...

A person riding their moped with their baby on their lap, and our young friend, Itab's, amazing hair!

This is at the Koror harbor ... the island's old boat has become a planter that the men (including Jason!) sit under for the shade before the boat departs.

The new boat ... as it cruised past our house one morning.

Our beautiful harbor

Our small church, filled with incredibly warm and welcoming people.

Angaur's elementary school ... serving 23 students aged K - 8. This is where we went 2-3 times a week to use the internet and electricity.

Angaur's "hospital." Not sure what type of services they offered, except that there was sometimes a woman there who was supposed to be an RN. Most Palauan's needed to go to Koror for medical services, or often to the Phillipines or Guam.


One of Angaur's two guest houses.

Angaur's main store - Leon's Green Pine.

One of our Palaun friends' water tank ... the writing says something like ' deadly poison, not to be taken internally, cannot be rendered non-poisonous.' Interesting choice for a water tank.

And, lastly a few pictures of some of the homes on Angaur. They ranged anywhere from new, western style homes to very basic structures that would likely be smaller than a child's playhouse in the US ... each one is beautiful to me in it's own way.

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Will said...

Amazing pictures! I <3 the boat being used as shade one =)