Thursday, July 30, 2009

Doing Actual Work - final project

One of our "jobs" for the year was that we were supposed to paint the metal brackets on the house in order to prevent rust/corrosion to them. When we arrived, we noticed the brackets looked like this. Not exactly what we'd imagined. We didn't even know if we should touch these, much less try to do anything with them.

After consulting with the owners and a local repair shop, we were instructed to do what we could toward replacing all of the backets! This was by far our most intensive job at the house. From checking 3-5 different stores in Koror for the pieces, ordering some of them from Guam and having others hand-made, to getting them painted, to removing the old corroded ones (without having the proper tools) and adhering the new ones, it was a lot of hard and sometimes very frustrating work. But very rewarding too :)

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