Monday, July 27, 2009

A Trip to Peleliu

The weekend before Jason's parents arrived in Palau, we had the opportunity to visit Peleliu (pay-lay-loo) island (Angaur's closest neighbor). We'd been hoping to visit, but things had never lined up for us to be able to go, so we were thrilled to be able to go!

As we approached Peleliu, dolphins played in the wake of our boat!

Peleliu's charming harbor
Riding in the back of a truck as we made our way to Peleliu's village.

Our accommodations - a beachside missionary house that we were able to stay in for free! It had running water, electricity and many other wonderful ammenities.

Peleliu's evangelical church


One of the local resorts

A Mangrove Crab for dinner!

Some very colorful crabs!

We weren't sure what these creatures were, but they were hilarious to watch! They would skim along the top of the water and underneath it, then pop out and sort of crawl around on the beach. So weird!

Our friends who were letting us stay at the missionary house and also brought us the terrific Mangrove crab, also brought us this fun lunch the next day. It was especially meaningful since we know how little this man made and yet how continually generous he was to us.

This swimming hole was AWESOME! It is brackish water, but much cooler than the ocean and so much fun to jump off the edge into!

This is our year in a nutshell! (Ha ha!)

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Molly W. said...

You guys are just awesome, thats all there is to it! Love the pic of you two sitting in the chairs in the water.