Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Saying Goodbye to Palau

I promise this should be my last post about our lives in Palau ... and I should soon be able to post a bit about our whirlwind trip back to the USA. I must admit that I haven't even felt like I've had time to process that our time in Palau has really come to an end. Although, after less than 3 weeks, it already has begun to feel like a dream and I find myself wondering, "did we really live there for nearly a year?"

Here are a few images taken as we said our final farewell to our home and to our Palauan family.

Wearing our headlamps for perhaps the last time in a long while ... after using these frequently while cooking, doing dishes, walking out to the bathroom, etc for nearly a year, I am not sad to know that I won't need to wear it again for awhile!

All of our stuff out of the house while we wait for a ride to take us to the harbor.

Last views of the house and also our beautiful tree covered road.

Arriving at our little harbor.

The boat crew ... looking really lively ;-) (and ready for departure?)

At the airport with our friends, Titus & Calista (& one of thier sons, Segal). It was so hard to say goodbye to them, our Palauan family.

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Sarah said...

Okay I'm on the verge of tears. First time. I love the photos and I have way more catching up to do in regards to your last few months. I love you guys! Jason't beard is/was amazing! Carrie... well I can't believe how much I suddently feel the need to talk to you.

I'm so happy for the successful completion of the Angaur/Palau leg of your journey! Lots of love to you both.