Monday, November 11, 2013

Day of the Dead Kite Festival: Sumpango, Guatemala

This year we got to watch an unusual celebration on November 1st.  
A day where people here remember their dead, clean & decorate their tombs, then build & attempt to fly some HUGE kites as a means of communicating with those who have passed on.  
Cemeteries, like the rest of Guatemala, are a little more colorful than those in the States.

The Kite Festival!

We arrived early in the day and were glad ... by the afternoon, it was CROWDED!

Of course, there was plenty of food!

And while I don't believe that a kite will communicate with my own dead relatives, I do believe that a culture who takes the time to remember those who have passed on has a depth to it that our culture is lacking.  It was a really special day to be part of. 

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