Monday, November 25, 2013

Trying again ... house hunters international - Panajachel

This weekend, we attempted again to move into a permanent home here in Pana. All went just as smoothly as it could go which I'll admit I was a little surprised by.  Call me skeptical.  But, we were completely packed by 9 am Saturday morning and a co-worker from Jason's school came by -- everything was loaded into his vehicle and moved in one trip.  Awesome!

Prior to finding our new place, we'd had a few options that were just okay:

- this one in a pretty setting and near the fruit/vegetable market and within our budget; but it was literally just a bedroom with a tiny kitchen that you had to go outside and thru another door to access.

- this small studio which was WAY under budget and very tempting due to that; but was only partially furnished when we saw it and shared a thin wall with the compound's guardian/gardener whose baby was screaming when we were there. (we didn't think we needed to listen to two of those!)

This one was by far the best option, with the only real drawback being that it is a 20 minute walk to town (& Jason's school).  When we found it, we paid the deposit quickly not wanting to lose the only decent option we'd come up with.

Our new home ... where we will {hopefully} get to stay for the rest of our time here.  More pictures to follow.

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Kim said...

ooh it's pretty! can't wait for more pics!