Friday, November 1, 2013

Guatemala Randomness

Some pictures from the past few weeks --
Jason drives in Panajachel!

A Guatemalan "enchilada" -- complete with beets & egg

I'm glad Jason saw this guy - I would have been startled (to say the least) when I blindly reached for the paper

I stopped next to this young man to watch a parade for a few minutes and cringed when I realized he had RAW
chicken in his bags, baking in the sun while he enjoyed the festivities.

Live chicken delivery

Poinsettia TREES already in full bloom here

AMAZING flower a friend brought me from her yard

Our bridge - looks super safe, right?
I love these wheelbarrows, they just look so sweet. When I commented to Jason about them, he brought me
back to reality by reminding me how heavy they would be before a load was even added.

What can you carry on your head??

Sunrise from our window

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