Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A room with a view -- Canoe camping @ Priest Lake

Saturday morning we got to wake up to this spectacular view (from our tent!)

I won't lie ... the evening before had been rough. We'd had a beautiful paddle over with all of our stuff for two nights of camping, but arriving in the evening when it was 1) time for dinner, 2) time to get the tent set up and 3) time for Luke to be winding down in the midst of him being over-excited and into absolutely everything was not a good combination for any of us... his 5 am wake-up the next morning was a bit of a jolt as well, but when you wake up to the above view it's pretty hard to not be stoked at where you are.

Overall, we had a fantastic weekend camping at Bartoo Island -- it is over 200 acres with more than 20 campsites scattered along it's various shores. A really great place to stay cool in the heat and so much fun to explore.

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