Thursday, June 18, 2015

Day camping at Bartoo Island

Priest Lake is home to several islands that are set up for boat-in camping. We've been wanting to try this out with Luke and had hoped this past weekend would be a good first try. Unfortunately, Luke was just getting over a nasty cough and I was still fighting it so we decided that camping probably wasn't the best choice, but wanted to check out one of the islands anyhow. We made a day trip out and had a great time with basically the entire beach to ourselves. Of course, once you're in a canoe it generally takes longer to get somewhere than you thought -- 2 hours round trip wasn't too bad, but for this girl who hasn't paddled in a while I wasn't the best teammate ;-) Thank goodness Jason is in decent shape!

We had a great afternoon playing on a gorgeous beach, roasting hot dogs, exploring, making s'mores and were sad to go. A perfect reason to go again.

We have a trolley for our canoe and just wheel it over from our house since we're so close to the beach.

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