Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hermanas guatemalteco se reúnen

To say it was incredible to see my Guatemalan sisters last weekend would be a huge understatement. It still feels a little surreal to know that it actually happened. I am so so thankful for the opportunity to see them and build some memories ongoing together.

The only sad part was that it was a family weekend and I was there without my family. While it was really nice to be out on my own, it was strange (and a little lonely) to be the only one there without my husband and children. Besides the fact that it meant Jason didn't get to see his friends and no one got to see how much Luke has grown up in the past year...a little bittersweet, but I just tried to focus on being thankful for what I had vs what I didn't have :)

It was my first time really getting to spend much time in Denver and due to the heat, we headed for the hills (as if being a mile high wasn't high enough), to Evergreen. Exploring that area and the Mt. Evans area nearby (a 14,000 foot peak you can drive to the top of!)

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