Friday, May 14, 2010

Capturing Mt. Fuji from every angle

We stayed in the Five Lakes region at Mt. Fuji, in Kawaguchi-ko.  We couldn't have been happier to be staying in such a beautiful place.  We decided the best way to see as much as possible during our time here was to rent bicycles and ride around the two lakes closest to us.  Here we are with our bikes and our first picture of this famous mountain.

The area around Mt. Fuji was really beautiful as well ...

I'd never seen these fishing stools before, but they were quite cool and these guys were having a great time doing some catch & release fishing.

The hostel we stayed at had the option of staying in a traditional Japanese room which we were excited about.  Even though I was prepared, when I first saw the room I wondered, "where are the beds?"

Of course...they were folded up in the closet!  Actually quite a comfortable way to sleep and allows for a lot more space in tighter quarters.  After bicycling for about 6 hours straight during the day, these mats were a very welcome sight!

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Molly W. said...

I love your adventerous spirit. These pics are great!