Monday, May 10, 2010

Land of the Rising Sun

We were very fortunate to get to travel to Japan last week while our school was on Spring Break.  Our primary reason for going was to visit Jason's aunt & uncle who have worked as missionaries there for over 40 years!   We had a great visit with them and loved getting to share a little bit of their life.

They live in the Osaka area which was heavily bombed during the war so there aren't a lot of historical sites to visit, but we did get to go to a traditional Japanese home which was fun and a bit of a tight squeeze to get into.

The Osaka Castle in the background here -- originally built in the late 1500's.  One of the few historical buildings in Osaka. 

The food in Japan was awesome!  Lucky for me it was not all fish :)  I learned that Japan is known for their plastic food shown in displays ... literally every restaurant had many of their dishes displayed in fine plastic form!

Just a few random pictures from Osaka ... I have no idea why these three dogs were in a laundry basket together, but they seemed to be right at home.

One of my most favorite features of Japan  ... ice cream vending machines!!!  We visited many more places in Japan, those pictures will follow!


Will said...

Ooh, ice cream vending machines!! The restaurant and food looks great :)

Molly W. said...

How cool to have family over there! And I love the idea of having pizza delivered via mophead vs. car. The ice cream vending machines definitely need to come to the states!