Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hiking Yatsubuchi-no-taki

Once our trip to Japan started getting closer, my goal was to find a really good hike to take Jason on.  The Yatsubuchi-no-taki hike came up as the best day-hike to go on in the Kansai region of Japan where we would be.  We spent close to 3 hours on train and bus from Osaka -- passing beautiful rice paddies and green mountains along the way. 

When we got off the bus, we still had a 20 minute walk through a small village to get the the trail head ... we passed this rice paddy that was in the midst of being planted. 

This picture give a pretty good idea of what the hike was like - chains, ropes, handholds and ladders, all over rocks that were slippery with water spray.  Quite a rush!

SO many beautiful waterfalls along the way!!

After spending several hours climbing over rocks and using chains, ropes and ladders to work our way up the gorge, we were feeling pretty tough ...  that is until we spotted this 70+ year old woman creeping along a small ledge with her walking stick! 

Beautiful waterfall to end our hike with and some very cold waters to cool our feet in.

This small town greeted us at the end of our hike.

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Molly W. said...

Ooo, that last picture is especially captivating to me.