Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Celebrating 1300 Years in Nara

This year, this ancient capital of Japan is celebrating it's 1,300 year anniversary and we were there to help!   

Todaiji Temple is one of the main attractions in Nara - for housing a very large sitting Buddha and also for having been originally built in 752 AD (although it burned twice since then). 

To give you an idea of the scale of this sitting Buddha, the youngster on the left is squeezing through a hole that is the exact size as Buddha's nostril ... in hopes of gaining enlightenment. 

Another big draw is the Nara Park, where the deer are believed to be heavenly beings and are as tame as housecats. 

Our most favorite sign of the whole trip!

No city would be complete without trying the street food -- this stall had a hord of people around it, so I hopped into the mix to get a taste.  It's a special gelatinous rice pounded with a big mallet with sweet red bean paste in the middle ... not sure what's on the outside.  Although it may not sound great, it was pretty good :)

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Molly W. said...

Of the handful of countries I've been to, China takes the cake for their signage....hilarious.