Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Cape Getaway

Ahh!  We are just coming off a fabulous and much needed getaway -- a visit to a Peace Corps friend at her family's summer cottage on Cape Cod.  I realized last week that this would be my first night away from Forest Echo in six months.  For the traveler in me, this is a very, very long span between trips and I admit, I had been getting very antsy to GO somewhere.  This was a perfect fix!

Jessie generously invited us to come out anytime and we finally took her up on it and got another Peace Corps buddy, William to join in the fun.  Now, let me say this ... as many times as I had envisioned what a visit would be like, this was not it!  When someone says "summer cottage," I think cozy little bungalow, not a huge seven bedroom house right around the corner (literally) from the Kennedy family homes and with amazing ocean/beach views.
Hillcrest House

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Shan in Japan said...

Wow! Yeah, not what I would have expected when I heard "summer cottage" either! Glad you had some time away in a lovely place!