Friday, April 13, 2012

Pioneer-life gym

There are many tasks that we get to perform in our life at Forest Echo that make me realize all over again why people didn't have to set aside time to "exercise" in the past ... one of those things is simply what is involved in keeping our barn warm.

I haul several loads of wood from this pile, up these stairs in a crate -- every other day or so.  Boy, does that work the stomach (I do not have "abs" to speak of, but something in there seems to be getting a workout) and arms.  I'm thinking I should just leave the bucket loaded and carry up and down 15 - 20 times each day just to see what would happen.

And, yes ... we're totatlly stacking wood inside our house. We live in a barn, it's allowed I think.

When I think how this small step that gets my heart pounding and arms screaming is only the final step in our heating process, I am amazed.  What had to happen before this is much more labor intensive (or perhaps just a better workout!)

Step one: (thankfully) we have not had to complete. Felling trees and trimming all the small branches off. Lucky for us, we were able to purchase some that are only 1/4 mile from our house.

Step two: cutting the logs into 18" lengths that will fit into our fireplace. This is hard work -- even with the modern convenience of having a chain saw. The first time I used the chainsaw (for only 15 minutes), I couldn't lift my arms for the rest of the day...a workout activity that I should clearly by doing everyday.

Step three: splitting the 18" lengths into pieces that are easy to handle and get into our fireplace.

Step four:  moving and stacking ALL the wood near our barn ....

And that's where I come in with my crate and stacking it inside the house :)  I admit, I kind of like the fact that so much goes into it.  It gives me an appreciation for heat that I don't have when all I have to do is click a button and wah-lah! instant heat. 

Anyone want to come workout with me??

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