Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Retail therapy on a budget

Since our move here, I've become an avid thrift-shopper.  In the past, I've usually only gone into a thrift store when looking for a specific item that I really didn't want to have to pay for or when shopping with my Mom.  Needless to say, the budget we live on here has taught me that if I can't find it at the thrift store, I may not need the item at all :)

Our local store is an incredibly well-run and clean place that I enjoy going.  Plus, it is also the local food pantry, so all proceeds go to support those in our community.  On the days I come into town, I usually stop by for a quick stroll through, whether I need something or not.  Today when I was there, I was realizing that this was my new form of retail therapy :)  In LA, I used to go wander at Target or Ross after work ... finding cute or useful things and decompressing from work.  Although I don't really need to decompress from work anymore, it is still fun to have a place to wander through to see if I can find something fun. 

Today ... I found something we actually really need and something cute for myself.  Yes, that's a tiny vaccum that we should be able to run off the generator at our place.  We have rug-sweepers that don't use any electricity, but they really don't leave the few carpets we have all that clean.  I've been looking for something small to buy, but even the $40 seemed excessive on our budget.  And then today, here was this baby for $5 and now it's mine :)  Obviously, it's not going to be the most powerful vacuum, but for our needs I think it will do the trick.  The belt was pretty cute and for $1, I didn't feel too bad splurging on it.


Unknown said...

I need to learn by your example! Great find on the vacuum and cute belt :)

Unknown said...

You sound like me, friend...doesn't take much to make ya happy!! A tiny vacuum and a dollar belt. Ah, the little pleasures in life, eh? :-)