Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Calle Xecumuc - Flood aftermath

Yesterday, as I took Luke out for his morning walk, my feet couldn't help but take me back to the flood area.  Jason was hoping to get off school early so we could go together and decide what to do with our stuff and possibly figure out where we should live, but I just couldn't help going to have a look ... as I got close my heart started pounding in my chest and my stomach felt sick thinking about what had happened.

The road looked pretty good, with most the boulders and loose asphalt moved to the side.  Our apartment building looked surprisingly good (it's the two story, with the red satellite dish). I was honestly just glad it was still there, so beyond that anything else was awesome!

From just past it - our building is on the left, our landlord's is on the right. The channel between the buildings is where the small waterfall stream usually runs.

The building and retaining wall seemed to be pretty good in spite of everything.

Our landlord's house did not fair as well since the flood waters were cutting across his lot, his whole house got undercut and is dangling over the edge.

Inside, the building's entry way had been cleaned up and our apartment basically looked as it had when we originally saw it.

Further up the road where the water first jumped the banks of the stream --

Backhoes have been hard at work; clearing debris and trying to reinforce the banks so this doesn't happen again.

We still aren't sure what we will do, where we will live. For now, we have a place to stay for a few more days which is a huge blessing!  We are inquiring with locals and others on what they think about the safety of our building.  From what we gather, this is the first time anyone can remember that this has happened with this waterfall.  I'm a fan of statistics which would probably support that nothing like this would happen again here for a very long time.  I also spoke with a geologist who lives in the same building.  He is the man who helped me the day of the flood and he plans to continue to stay.  That seemed like a good sign, but ultimately I know we need to make a good decision for Luke and ourselves. Rainy season will last for six more weeks and we don't want to feel worried everytime it rains.  So, we'll see.  Please keep us in your prayers.

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Kim said...

thank God for that man - I'm so glad he was there to help you.