Friday, September 27, 2013


Luke's six-month birthday is coming up in a few days and while I realize we are extremely baised, he seems to get cuter every day!  Here a few recent photos of our little sweetie-pie.

Let's see -- what's Luke doing right now?
He loves to stand and do jumps (with assistance)
He's happily eating some rice cereal
He smiles and laugh/screams a lot
He's close to crawling -- getting onto his hands and knees and then not sure what to do next, just rocks back and forth
He slept thru until 5:45 am yesterday - wow! What a treat that was! First time I've slept that "late" since before he was born
He says "mama" a lot. I don't think he knows what it means, but it's still pretty cute
No teeth yet
He is generally happy outside, exploring new places

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sammyjean said...

No bias at all. He's the epitome of cuteness :-)