Thursday, September 19, 2013

What Not To Wear ... in a flood

On Monday I quickly learned that the ankle length skirt with very stretchy waistband that I'd put on in the morning was a big fashion no-no when needing to cross a swiftly moving river of water.  
The water instantly grabbed at the bottom of the skirt, pulling it. Without a snug-fitting waistband, this meant the skirt started coming OFF. Just what I needed with everything else that was happening. So, now I had the baby, a backpack, a trader joe's bag (complete with computer cord dangling out of it) and a skirt that I was trying to keep from getting pulled off of me. Perfect :) 
Lesson learned, next time I'm in a flood I will definitely pick out a different ensemble. 

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Shan in Japan said...

Thanks for the fashion tip!
I got a letter from you this week, maybe about the time of the flood! I'll be praying with you as you consider housing options.
One of the joys of the home assignment, I get to go to my high school for the homecoming football game tonight. It is going to be quite cool, good football weather. I am most looking forward to the marching band!
Praying for a quiet weekend!