Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lake Atitlan Villages: Santa Catarina

Jason and I have been looking forward to doing some exploring of the villages around our beautiful lake and on Sunday had decided to take a boat across the lake to one of the smaller and more traditional villages.  Jason won't get his first paycheck until the end of September however and after we did the math on the cost of the boat ride and other expenses, we decided to use our legs instead and head out to a nearby village accessible by road.  Free is our kind of exploration :)

Santa Catarina is just under two miles away from Pana and the road leading to it is spectacular.  Of course, walking up and down hills at 5,000 feet elevation turns any walk into a hike which was fine by us!

The village was sweet and not inundated by gringos which was nice for a change --

Jason LOVED the location of this soccer field -- we went and watched them play for a while ... they were using a basketball for their game!

Warning: I was playing with the "cross process" setting for these photos.

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