Monday, September 2, 2013

Jason goes to work - Atitlan Multicultural Academy

Jason's school officially opens for classes today (no Labor Day holiday here).  He was scheduled to have ten students ranging from 4th - 5th grade, plus two who should be in 6th grade but didn't quite pass last year.  Quite a range!

He's been doing teacher in-service days for a little over a week.  Here he is on his first day - muy guapo, si?

This is the first time in five years that we have not worked together / been together 24/7.  While I'm excited for his job, I can't say I'm excited about not being together.  I had always imagined needing time away from my spouse -- my perfect spouse (in my imagination) was one that traveled for work :) with Jason, it has all been different than I imagined. Thank goodness!  So, this will be a year of adjusting to having less time together and figuring out how to keep our relationship good in the midst of separation and raising a child.

The school moved to a new campus this summer and it is really lovely! What used to be a very large house, with bedrooms converted into classrooms and beautiful gardens surrounding everything.  Inside and out, it is a lot different than schools in the States.

One of AMA's focus' is on educating the local Mayan children which is pretty cool. That being said, the majority of Mayan families cannot pay even the small annual tuition for the school.  Milpa has been set up in order to provide sponsored scholarships for these children if you are interested.


William Liu said...

Looking sharp Jason!

Shan in Japan said...

Hope the first week of school is going well! Loved catching up with you today. I have not read blogs, or written any, for way too long! What a beautiful place you live and work in!

Anonymous said...

Buena suerte an ex teacher, keep me plugged in for any needs you may have with your class! I would love having a teacher like you....checked out your school's staff and it looks like a great group to work with and your classroom looks lovely...definitely not institutional feeling!!!
Carrie....hope you and Luke have fun'll do fine and you can help Jason grade papers each that's togetherness...just ask Al! Love to you all and we look forward to your future blog postings!! God bless,
Al and Bets

jessie shepard said...

Amazing! It certainly looks like life is agreeing with you 3!
I know that this teaching experience is the best choice for you! Adjusting to the culture and family will be such a growing experience!
Love to you