Monday, May 25, 2009

Gererosity 101

Since we arrived here we've been unbelievable blessed to receive many boxes and care packages of all kinds. The mail lady has commented "every week, there is box for you - box, box, box!" While we haven't actually gotten boxes every week, our families have sent us boxes loaded with food on a very regular basis and many friends have sent us "luxury items." Our new friends in Koror even sent us a whole box full of produce (& invited us to stay with them whenever we're in Koror)! We often feel like we don't deserve this kindness and get overwhelmed whenever we receive something.

In addition to all the generosity we've received from our friends and family, we've come to rely on our new family here in Angaur. There are times when we absolutely must rely on the generosity of the Palauans that live here to help us. It can be very humbling ... this man "Papa Sus" we've dubbed, "our angel." He has appeared out of nowhere multiple times and given us rides in his little truck. We've often wondered if he just drives around the island looking for people to help as that is what it has seemed. We are so thankful to him and the many others we have relied on and who we now call our friends.

More than any of the rest though, the contentment and generosity of the Filipino workers on our island has amazed me. They are here on contract and work for $2.00 an hour or less. Most are sending what little money they make home. They have worked in more countries than many people will visit in their lifetime and speak 3 - 4 languages fluently. One of the men has been working overseas for the last 15 - 20 years. He proudly shared with us that his son will graduate from college with a civil engineering degree this next year.

In spite of what most of us would consider very difficult and undesirable circumstances, whenever we see them, they share wide smiles and cheerful waves with us. If they are eating in front of the small shanty they all share together, they wave us over, inviting us to join them. Several weeks ago, they asked if they could come out to our house for a picnic, we of course agreed and were once again overwhelmed at their happy & generous spirits. They had brought more food than we could eat, purchased beverages and chose to share their one day a week off with us. They joke among each other and call us their brother & sister.
I hope that I will never lose the picture of the generosity and happiness that pours out of them, in the midst of living in a situation that most of us could never imagine.

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Molly W. said...

wow, it really is amazing isn't it? Real life examples of Jesus' love-wow.