Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sashimi & More

On many afternoons, we'll hear a rumble of a truck out at the road...we listen closely & look at each other saying "Titus!" (pronounced tee-toos in Palauan). Within a few more seconds, we hear him yelling, "come! let's go try your luck!" Jason will grab his fishing pole and head down the driveway. They'll be gone for an hour or two and often come back with some wonderful fish. Often more than we know what to do with ... but we usually figure something out :)

Trying to clean a fish that doesn't fit on our largest cutting board is always interesting!

To people who know me well, me eating fish, much less raw fish, is practically unbelievable ... but here I am eating (& enjoying!) some delicious sashimi!
Here's how we cook our fish ... over the fire, on a piece of old metal. Works really well actually!

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Will said...

Wow that looks delicious!! Great catch Jason!!! =)