Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Keeping up with my nephews!

Jason & I took a trip into Koror over Easter weekend to get our food and house supplies for the next three months. We were able to stay over a 4 day weekend which felt so relaxing (since we usually have done this big shop just as a quick overnight trip). We had a great time with our friends, Ty & Kelly, and were able to do some sightseeing even of Babeldaob (Palau's biggest island).

We had a great trip...and had a TON of stuff to get back to our house. We were so thankful that our friend Titus offered us a ride home in his truck ... unfortunately it was a little overload and a piece of plywood came loose ... I bravely stopped it with my forehead.

Here's the results (over about a 10 day period):

This is about a 1/2 hour after ...

Maybe 2 days later ... the swelling has spread across my forehead (I wondered if this is what botox & other fillers would do for me??)

And, now the swelling has dropped to my eyes & nose. Definitely NOT my favorite look. Jason didn't hardly even recognize me!

Almost better :)


Kim said...

oh sweetie!!!! And look at you smiling all the way through. You poor thing. So glad you are healing up great :)

Will said...

Ouch, that looked really painful! I hope you're getting better now. It's weird how it spread?

Hey, at least that story is pure awesomeness. How many people can say they stopped a piece of plywood with just their forehead!? Not me!!!

Molly W. said...

NO WAY! THAT IS UNREAL! Carrie!!! I'm so sorry!