Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Still wondering ... "How did this happen???"

This was us, two years ago yesterday ... we still look at each other on almost a daily basis and ask in disbelief, "how did this happen?" We feel so incredibly blessed that God saw fit to bring us together and still can't believe that we get to spend the rest of our lives together!!

To start off our celebration this year, we had cheese omelets & chocolate chip pancakes while enjoying the perfect view from our deck.

Jason had planned a great, surprise date for our afternoon/evening. A trip to the lighthouse ruins to watch the sunset was the beginning.

We had some fun taking a few pictures - Jason's pose is a bit of a mockery ... many, many Palauans are sporting the peace sign or the hang loose sign, in every picture. So we had to have atleast one :)

Right as the sun started getting in a good position for a sunset, a rain cloud came by, blocking it out. We still had some beautiful colors though.

After the sunset, we wandered around for a while. All I knew is that we had "reservations" for 7:30. Since there aren't any restaurants on Angaur, I was really curious where exactly we had reservations. Jason had worked some magic and had hired one of the local ladies to make us a full dinner. It was all set up and ready for us to eat on the big porch at one of the local guest houses that sits right on a beach. We had a delicious meal, it was such a wonderful surprise!


adam said...

mad props to Jason! Sounds like an awesome anniversary! Congrats again on two years!

Anonymous said...


2 years! Wow! that went fast... I'm so happy for both of you.
And, it only gets better - believe me it's coming from a person married for 15 years and still loving the same guy.. PACO!! :)

Molly W. said...

Ah, Happy Anniversary you two! And way to go Jason! How sweet to put together such a perfect date! You two were meant to be. God is sooo good. :)