Thursday, May 7, 2009

A trip to the lighthouse

A few weeks ago, several young women who are 7th Day Adventist missionaries at schools in Koror came out to Angaur for their Spring break. A larger group of them had been here over a weekend in February and had hoped to find the old, abandoned lighthouse which affords great views of Angaur, but they had not been able to find it. So, we promised Amber, Brianna & Marisa that we would escort them to it for a sunset. It IS a little hard to find, but we managed to find it ... here are a few photos from our time together.

Some huge, old metal structures leftover from the mining days of Angaur slowly being reclaimed by the jungle...

Japanese Shinto Shrine for the Japanese who lost their lives during WWII here.

The remains of the lighthouse...

View from the top!

Yes...that IS sweat all over my shirt! It's pretty warm & humid here ;-)

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Molly W. said...

I bet those views never get old, huh?