Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Palauan Wedding

We had the opportunity two weekends ago to go to our first Palauan wedding! We were pretty excited -- we've been to 8 funerals in the past 8 months, so this was a treat! Also, since Palauan's rarely go through the process of making a formal marriage commitment to one another, this was a really big deal for this couple to be doing (after a 14 year relationship and two children).

Here we are, ready to go ... I'm wearing make-up for the first time on Angaur and feel a bit garrish. We even went to the extra special step of dousing our clothes in some water to get the wrinkles out!

This is the Catholic church on Angaur - such a cute building!

Some of the beautiful flowers around...

The happy(?) couple and their two boys. I LOVE the matching outfits! So cute! Most adult Palauans don't smile for pictures as they are self conscious about the damage their Betel Nut chewing has made to their teeth.


Kim said...

Just want u to know I am still following your blog and loving it! I check from my phone so I don't always comment but I'm still here :). Can't wait to learn where your next adventure is!

Molly W. said...

what a neat experience!